Super Stickman in Sonic Epic is a mod for Sonic Epic made by its creator, Tonic the Hedgefox.
Super Stickman

Super Stickman (also found in the mod)


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Super StickmanEdit

Super Stickman is a hero from Stickcity, he saves the day all the time when there is big trouble.

He appears as the playable character.


Super Stickman and Devil Stickman (in-game)

Devil StickmanEdit

Devil Stickman is a devil from Stickcity, he hates everything good and he also hates Stickcity.

He appears to be the boss to replace the Egg Craft.

Downloads & StoryEdit

Super Stickman in a nutshell.Edit

So, Tonic has a doodle book at school (when he was 8-9), I did this comic called "Super Stickman" about a stickman who has super powers and a cape, I got up this splash (like on Minecraft) saying "There will be a game for this, I mean it.".

So here it is! Super Stickman in Sonic Epic!


V0.0.1 (using Sonic Epic V0.0.5) Click here.

Super Stickman