FiSonic Adventure Max, a 3D type of Sonic Epic game.


Early V1.0 Grassy Roads

Currently, The current zones are Grassy Roads. Sonic is alone in this game, he runs alone, like Sonic the Hedgehog 1.

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The StoryEdit

Sonic was alone strolling on Green Hill Zone, he called Tails if he wanted to come, he said "Too busy, got to upgrade the tornado!" Sonic said "Its fine, I'll be ok!" and he ran and saw Dr. Eggman's badniks! "Those robots are a total pain in the- Eggman!" said Sonic! The search was on!


The zones are based off other zones.

Zones and Compares
Original Zone New Zone
Green Hill Zone Grassy Roads Zone

More zone information: Sonic Adventure Max Zones.


Up and Down - Move

Left and Right - Turn

C - Spinjump

X - Spindash

Z - Boost


The engine is "Sonic Simple 3D Engine V1.1" by Nikko the Cat.

Offical Beta ElementsEdit

Red Rings, Boost Moniter.